Pee Wee League Team of the Year.

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!We play for fun
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  1. Ages 3 up to 14
    We have several opportunities for a variety of ages! Open for both boy's and girl's.
  2. All abilities welcome
    Our programs are geared towards all skill level and allow for everyone to participate.
  3. Team Spirit
    Youth learn to work with as a team and build positive social skills.
  1. Homeschool P.E/P.E in the Park/Afterschool Programs
    We provide a trained coaching staff for providing a structured curriculum based program. Programs are designed to improve the development of motor skills and coordination. Youth are introduced to various sports to help them learn to enjoy physical activity through participation in sports. ·
  2. Summer Camps/Clinics
    Be on the lookout for upcoming Summer Camps and weekend sport specific clinics.